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We can't say enough about our awesome experience with Angie as our Tax Accountant. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge, and has really helped us to understand the challenges and changes in tax laws over the years, and how they apply to our circumstances. In particular, she's guided us through complicated deceased parent estate matters, annuities, small business matters, education credits, and our need to amend returns resulting from post-filing business income. She's also successfully "gone to bat" for us with the IRS when refund amounts were questioned. Angie has been extremely personable from our first meeting several years ago, and like our financial advisor (a referral from Angie), has truly become a friend and key asset to our families financial comprehension and stability. We call her "Angie the angel," and we HIGHLY recommend her!

Bobby L

Angie has been doing my taxes for over 8 years. She is efficient and makes sure to get you what's yours. I came owing the IRS a lot of money due to my estranged spouse. Angie went to bat for me with letters to the IRS for me. I eventually paid them off...I wouldn't go to anyone else for my taxes...

Anissa P

Angie’s prepared my taxes for years while I lived in Milwaukee. When I moved to Florida 10 years ago I continued to work with Angie. Our on-line tax preparation has been flawless. Angie responds to my material almost immediately even though it is always submitted after April 1. This year she found an error in the material that I submitted, apprised me of it and still completed my return within 48 hours. I have every confidence in Angie' Tax Service and definitely recommend it.

Bonnie P